ONE GRAND "Chrome Polish" is recognized worldwide as the best. It removes rust and produces an amazing shine on chrome-plated surfaces.

"Chrome Polish" was formulated to perfection over 70 years ago. Today, the quality of our product still shines above the competition.

Used by many plating companies to polish their various products prior to delivery, and recognized industry wide as the best, ONE GRAND "Chrome Polish" is the product you can rely on to clean, polish and protect your chrome. It is excellent for polishing and protecting chrome wheels, bumpers, door handles, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and cycle handlebars, wheels and spokes.

Special Note: For softer metals such as imitation chrome, aluminum, brass and copper or stainless and nickel, we recommend polishing with either ONE GRAND "Mag-Nificent" or "Metal 300".

If you are not sure about the surface you are working with, call us and we can help you choose the right product for your needs.

Packaged in an easy pour bottle.
Part # 03-16-12 Chrome Polish 16oz $13.95 US

Also available in gallons for the professional industry.
Part # M11 Chrome Polish 1 gallon $39.95 US

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