"Metal 300" is a spectacular, liquid metal polish, that cleans and protects, aluminum billet wheels, diamond plate, stainless steel, brass and copper.

"Metal 300" is easy to use and will give the metal a superior shine and a deeper luster. A small amount polishes a surface to a mirror like finish and (Metal 300 contains no harmful acids.)

"Metal 300" is extremely popular in the trucking, aircraft, marine, automotive enthusiast & racing worlds. In fact, any industry where highly polished, long lasting brilliance is desired for the above mentioned metals, "Metal 300" delivers, with stunning performance and quality.

Note: For surfaces that have been neglected and are in need of serious restoration, we suggest using ONE GRAND "Mag-Nificent" first, followed with "Metal 300" for finish polishing and maintenance.

Packaged in a clear, see-through, easy pour bottle.
Part # 32-16-12 Metal 300 16oz $18.95 US

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