"Mag-Nificent" is a rich cream metal polish, that restores & polishes billet aluminum, diamond plate, stainless steel, brass & copper.

Like "Metal 300", "Mag-Nificent" is very popular in the trucking, aircraft, marine, automotive enthusiast & racing worlds. It also has quite a following in the hotel and restaurant industries, as well as building maintenance. "Mag-Nificent", polishes brass rails & fixtures, copper pots & cookware and stove hoods.

"Mag-Nificent" is very effective at restoring the above- mentioned surfaces when they have been neglected or abused and have more oxidation. Once restored, we suggest finish polishing and maintaining the surfaces with "Metal 300", as it produces a higher mirror-like finish with ease.

Packaged in a screw top lid, wide mouth jar.
Part # 09-16-12 Mag-Nificent 16oz jar $29.58 US

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