Applicator Sponges are very versatile and effective at applying a variety of products on a multitude of surfaces. You can use applicators to apply polishes, cream wax, "Blitz Wax", dressings, protectants and specialty polishes.

In the Paint Care Category - applicator sponges are best used as an implement to introduce a product to a painted surface. By this we mean, gently applying or lightly massaging any "Omega Glaze", "Factory Finish Cream Wax" or "Blitz Wax" into the surface.

Applicator Sponges are used in the finishing steps of a detail - the final "Hand Work". Prior to this, a polishing action would occur - with a machine using buffing pads or by hand using a variety of cotton cloths, performing more of a burnishing action.

Applicator Sponges may be purchased in any quantity and are re-usable. Many people keep the "Blitz Wax" Applicator in the Jar. Applicators may be rinsed out with warm water & flushed clean, then air-dried and stored in zip lock bags.

Part # D11WA Applicator Sponges 4" $1.20 US ea

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