Brand New from ONE GRAND, "BLUE 33" is an environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, gentle, wash soap, created to keep all your transportation & play vehicles clean & protected with ease.

"BLUE 33" produces a rich lather with very little soap, that rinses easily, dries quickly and does not leave a film or strip your "Blitz Wax".

When used with "Show Off" (detail spray) for your regular washes, the products provide the "Perfect Maintenance Program" for your vehicles' finish between applications of ONE GRAND "Blitz Wax" or "Factory Finish Cream Wax".

When you wash with "Blue 33", rinse, spray with "Show Off", then dry your vehicle will always maintain that "Just Blitz Waxed" Look!

Attractively packaged in an easy pour, see through bottle:
Part # 33-32-12 BLUE 33 Wash 32oz $15.95 US

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