ONE GRAND introduces, "Factory Finish Cream Wax". In its' essence, "FFCW" is a cream version of "Blitz Wax". It has no cleaners or polishes. It is purely a cream wax.

It is designed to be used on clean, well kept finishes, as a great substitute for "Blitz Wax", when time is precious and your finish needs a little something or you have a vehicle that you would like to protect and keep detailed with a 1 step cream wax.

"FFCW" is compatible with "Blitz Wax" and can be layered in any sequence. It creates a rich, pure gloss finish, like when your vehicle is new, and may also be used on a new vehicle to protect and preserve its' finish.

Between applications of "FFCW" we recommend using ONE GRAND "BLUE 33" (wash soap) & ONE GRAND "Show Off" (detail spray) - The "Perfect Maintenance Program" for that "Just Blitz Waxed" Look, all the time.

Package in a convenient, easy dispense, flip top bottle
Part # 34-16-12 Factory Finish Cream Wax 16oz $18.95 US

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