ONE GRAND Purple "Glaze" is our original high gloss paint polish. It was formulated to obtain the ultimate finish on a car before applying "Blitz Wax".

"Glaze" was popular at a time when automotive paints were mostly single stage solid colors or single stage metallics. "Glaze" is very effective at restoring and maintaining, the rich gloss on these older, vintage, finishes.

"Glaze" can be applied by hand or machine and is still very popular with high end, vintage restoration companies.

"Glaze" can be followed with either ONE GRAND "Blitz Wax" or ONE GRAND "Factory Finish Cream Wax", or for the ultimate finish… an application of "Omega Glaze"* then "Blitz Wax".

* "Omega Glaze" - Our ultimate high gloss, wet look, paint polish for new, factory base coat - clear coat finishes & custom paint finishes.

Packaged in a convenient, easy dispense, flip top bottle:
Part # 01-16-12 Glaze 16oz $16.95 US

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