The Ultra Convenient Spray Detailer that truly gives you a just waxed appearance. We formulated "Show Off" to be used specifically over "Blitz Wax " or " Factory Finish Cream Wax" to maintain that detailed, "Just Blitz Waxed" look. "Show Off" is a great compliment to our (Brand New) "BLUE 33" (wash soap), creating the "Perfect Maintenance Program" between applications of either "Blitz Wax" or "FFCW". You simply wash with "BLUE 33", rinse, spray "Show Off" on all wet surfaces, then dry with a ONE GRAND "Water Sprite" and a soft cloth creating a Brilliant, Protected Finish!

"Show Off" is trusted and used extensively throughout the Automotive Show, Concours and Automotive Museum World to maintain priceless finishes. It also enjoys a tremendous following in the professional detailing industry for its' consistently predictable results.

Value Packaged in a user friendly spray bottle:
Part # 24-16-12 16oz. Adjustable Spray Bottle $12.45 US

Also available in gallons for Professionals and Higher Consumption Consumers:
Part # M24 1 Gallon Container $27.95 US

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